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                         Brenda Ellis 

After recovering from my broken elbow I am now back to the drawing board! I have wanted to design a wedding sampler with a mermaid theme, so here it is! The pattern on linen includes the Sailors knot (lovers knot) at top of border with the dates entered in the sand between the nets (bottom) ex: Day/month/year. It is a great design for adding embellishments, sea shells, necklace, veil netting, etc. (21 X 26")  Have fun with it! 

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             Brenda Ellis

                                 Brenda Ellis

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Original Art for Tie the Knot pattern                                                     Pattern drawn on linen  (

​​​​​I have owned and operated the Painted Mermaid Studio in South Paris Maine since 2009, offering classes and rug hooking patterns and supplies. As I have relocated to California, I am now selling my rug hooking patterns online at my Etsy Shop. Click the ETSY button to shop!

Please feel free to contact me anytime for any design work, hand-dyed wool or a kit made up for one of my patterns.  

                   (207) 515 - 0843 

Art holds a very special place in my heart since early childhood. I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. Almost ten years ago I discovered rug hooking, experiencing this new form of creativity with fiber has given me a challenge to create painting with wool. From the design, to the color planning and dyeing the wool I can help you through the process!  Happy Hooking!